Turn Your Team's Ideas into Action

With Catch Team, collaboration is made easy. You can share up to 5 types of notes with your team mates, attach documents to your notes, take a picture of a whiteboard that you'll be able to share among your members. And sharing project task lists is a breeze. Everyone will be able to stay on task and get things done.

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Manage Team Members

Using the Catch Admin Console you will be able to manage your team and permissions. You can invite new members to each Space, and set the permission level for each to either Member or Admin (Admins have access to the Admin Console).

Secure Your Data

Within the Admin Console you can change ownership of a Space from one person to another and take people out of individual Spaces. In the event that someone leaves, your company is in full control over the notes and Spaces created. Plus, resetting someone's password is a snap.

Share Spaces and Storage Limits

By coming on board with Catch Team your company gets increased amounts of both Spaces and storage. This can be shared among all members within your organization. And tracking limits with the Admin Console is easy. You'll be able to see who has the most documents.

Simplify Billing

With one account owner, our billing has been simplified. Your account owner can manage all of the licenses for the team or company with auto-renewal. You can be secure in the knowledge that only the Team Owner may make purchases. The account owner can allocate space and storage utilization with the Admin Console. Should you run out of Spaces, we make it easy to purchase additional licenses.

"Catch is the best collaboration tool I've used so far, it’s amazing how simple it is @catch"